The first trip to the casino is often overwhelming, especially for a beginner. A casino has players that are huddled around chairs and tables and there often noises of people cheering  their wins in keith ferrera poker and some crying over their losses. You will also hear the sounds bells ringing and see flashing lights in front of you. With all this going on, it is only natural to feel a bit freaked out. The poker room is not any better, and if you are not cautious, you can easily get distracted. Below are some essential tips that will significantly aid in a smooth transition and guide you how to play poker.

Post to Get Dealt In

gameOnce you have found a seat at the casino, you should post an amount that is equal to the big blind before getting dealt in. However, not all the casinos observe this rule, therefore, make sure that you ask the dealer before doing so. If you are near the big blind, you should not bother with posting because at the end of the day you will still pay the big screen. Once you get a seat, you will play the game just like any other poker game, only that you will have a dealer who will aid you in running the game.

Call Out Your Action

By calling out your action, you will make the game infinitely more comfortable for you as well as everyone present in the table. Many situations would be avoided if everyone just called out their action hence the need to get into the habit as soon as you begin to learn the game.

Have Your Cards Visible

It is essential to have your cards visible in front of your stack because this shows the other players that you are still in the hand. The chip on the cards is meant to protect your hands and if someone hits your hand and it is not protected, your hand is dead. You should, therefore, ensure that your hand is always protected.

Be Ready for Action

chipsWhen playing poker, you should always be prepared to follow the action. Still be keen because you will know when it is everybody’s turn to call for action as well as your turn. You will, therefore, be prepared to follow the action throughout the game and this increases your chances of winning.

Ask Questions

Asking questions does not mean that you do not know what is going on. If you are not familiar with how a casino does some things, do not be intimidated to ask questions because this is the surest way of learning the game and the rules.