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Keeping Your House Spic and Span

Keeping your house clean is important for several reasons. One of them is reducing allergies and getting rid of germs that might cause infections. Others are having an idea of where everything is and improving the ambiance of your home. Unfortunately, keeping it clean at all times is impossible. Therefore, devising a few strategies to maintain its tidiness for as long as possible is necessary.

Here are valuable tips on keeping your house spic and span:

• Setup a Collection Basket for Kids

woven basketChildren will play with toys all over the house in addition to picking and dropping household items that they find interesting. This playfulness is a form of healthy exercise for them, but it will also leave a mess for you to clean. You can reduce the level of untidiness that they create by establishing collection baskets at strategic points in the house.

The kids can drop things they have finished playing with into these baskets. They can put in any other item that they picked from anywhere else. That means that you will have specific places where these items will be instead of having them scattered all over the house. Moreover, you will know where to look for particular things if you do not find them where they should be.

• Clean the Dishes after Every Meal

dirty dishesThe kitchen is the most sensitive area in your home because it can have the highest level of negative impact on your health. In fact, your friends and family members can suffer the effects of an unhygienic setting in the kitchen. Therefore, keeping it clean is critical. At the same time, using dishes and other kitchen items is inevitable.

Cleaning these items becomes more difficult as time progresses because they keep piling up discouraging you from attending to them. It is worth noting that the bacteria and mold that are present on them continue multiplying. Cleaning your dishes after every meal helps you avoid this, and it keeps your kitchen looking spic and span.

• Cleaning Your House Should Be Fun

house cleaningPeople avoid cleaning their homes because there is no excitement in doing so. In fact, these chores are mostly monotonous. They are especially off-putting for kids and teenagers because they always look for exciting things to do. Turning house cleaning into a fun exercise encourages them to participate in these chores. In some cases, they will look forward to them.

Playing music while you clean your house is one way of adding excitement to your life. Create a playlist and make sure that it includes songs that everyone loves. Telling jokes, playing games, and competing against each other add to the excitement as well. For example, rewarding the first person to finish his chore is an excellent idea.


Other ways of keeping your house spic and span include doing a load of laundry each day and emptying your dishwasher daily. Another one is making your bed when you wake up every morning. Perform these tasks faithfully, and your house will be clean. More importantly, your family members will chip in to make sure that it stays clean.…